Arthrostim Instrument Adjusting

This is a mechanical device which delivers gentle impulses into the joint and surrounding muscle tissues to create movement and relieve tensions. This device is used on patients who are not amenable to traditional chiropractic adjustments. 

Pedal Scanning and Custom Orthotics

A pedal scanner scans the feet and shows the difference in pressure exerted . Good biomechanics will show and even distribution. Uneven distribution will denote an imbalance which causes a chain reaction up the legs and spine and produces specific postural abnormalities that we see in many persons (flat feet, knee problems, hip problems low back problems and neck problems).

Could your pain be caused by your feet?

Some patients may opt for orthotic correction along with chiropractic care to maintain a healthy spine and joints and prevent the effects of imbalance as well as limit future insult to their joints due to uneven distribution of forces.

Diversified "Traditional" Chiropractic

This is what many people think of when they think of a chiropractic adjustment. Gentle, hands on mobilization of the spine maintains flexibility, good posture, restores movement and improves nervous system health. This is a very effective type of treatment for many patients.

Cranial/Pressure Point Therapy

Applying pressure to various areas of the skull and body can relieve tension, pain and promote circulation. It is an excellent treatment for headaches.

Muscle Work/Trigger Point Therapy

Relieving tension and adhesions in the muscles and ligaments to treat a variety of conditions as well as increase flexibility and maintain healthy spinal alignment. This type of treatment will also improve blood flow and circulation increasing healing.

All treatments are customized, you are an individual and I provide quality chiropractic care to address your concerns and needs

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