Located at 127 Main Street (44/55) in Gardiner, N.Y. at the foot of the Shawangunk mountain range next to The Village Market and across the street from the Post office.

I offer a different type of chiropractic care, blending diversified "traditional" chiropractic adjustments, low or non-force techniques and muscle work to relieve tension. A chiropractic adjustment creates efficiency of movement and decreases the stress placed on your muscles, joints and nervous system.

What makes me different from other chiropractors?
1. No rushed appointments.Larger chiropractic offices have 3 or 4 treatment rooms and the doctor bounces from room to room. At my office, you are the only one I see at your appointment time. I always focus on you and your needs. My appointments generally last 15-20 minutes. The average chiropractor will spend 3-5 minutes with a patient.

2. I realize that everyone has different needs when it comes to their bodies. I create an individual adjustment plan based on what you as the patient need. I have many patients who want a traditional chiropractic adjustment but I also have just as many who can only get better using low force or non-force techniques.

3. I utilize soft tissue work, if needed, with my adjustments relax your muscles when moving the joints. I have advanced training in muscle work to make for a gentle, pain free adjustment. If the joints are affected than the muscles are too and vice versa. You cannot truly resolve the problem without treating both.

About the Doctor:
Dr. Nichole A. Smith is a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley. She attended SUNY New Paltz and earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology minoring in Chemistry. She then attended New York Chiropractic College, one of the leading chiropractic colleges in the country and graduated with honors. She is currently living in New Paltz,NY with her husband Alex, daughters Ella and Abigail and dog Bailey.

Office Hours:

Monday       9-12 2:30-4:30

Wednesday 9-12 2:30-5

Friday          9-12 2:30-5

Saturday     9-12

Hours are by appointment

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