Upon entering the office you will have some paperwork to fill out. It is important that these forms be filled out to the best of your ability as they will determine the course of treatment. At this time we also ask for any insurance information necessary to bill for the treatments. If you intend on using your insurance be sure to remember your insurance card. After completing the forms you will come into the treatment room where we will go over them. Many conditions may seem to be unrelated however provide clues into the cause of your current symptoms. An examination will be performed based on the information you have provided. For the most part, examination does not require you to remove clothing or wear a gown however wearing loose clothing and easy to remove shoes are a benefit. After the examination, I will go over the results and we will discuss the appropriate course of action for you. This may include getting X-Rays or an MRI, however I limit the use of radiation to only those conditions where I feel it will alter my course of treatment. Generally, if further imaging is not needed then I will begin treatment. The goal of every treatment is to retrain your body and your nervous system to maintain proper alignment and full range of motion. These are the cause of tension, pain and a variety of health conditions.

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Each individual is unique and requires a different amount of time to retrain their bodies to hold the adjustments. There are an unforeseen number of variables such as age, activity level, previous conditions and deterioration of the joints etc. Generally with chiropractic you are seen serveral times in the begining of treatment and then the amount is decreased gradually as your body requires less care to maintain your alignment.

Continued check-ups help to maintain health of your nerves muscles and joints. This is similar to going to the dentist for a check up or maintaining a work out program to stay fit. As we move through life our body is challanged and regular adjustments help us meet those challanges pain free.

All patients are encouraged to get regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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